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I recently tested the newest camera carrying system from the Cotton Carrier company.  I’m a big fan of the original over the shoulder and around your chest camera carrying system by the Cotton Carrier (to see that review click here).  The newest product from Cotton Carrier, the StrapShot, is designed to attach directly to the shoulder strap of almost any outdoor backpack.


The setup for the StrapShot is simple.  A strap attaches to the backpack’s shoulder buckle to hold the weight of the camera, and a velcro holder wraps around the backpack shoulder strap for attaching the camera.


Upon seeing the StrapShot I was a bit concerned about how stable the camera would be.  For small to mid size cameras the StrapShot is actually fairly stable.  The more stable the backpack strap, the more stable the camera and StrapShot will be as well.  I noticed that buckling my backpack sternum strap across my chest also helped with camera stability.  For large cameras or those with a long lens, the StrapShot may move around too much as you walk due to it being attached to your backpack strap.  For those types of cameras or setups I would default back to the original Cotton Carrier which goes across your chest and over your shoulders.

I use the StrapShot on a standard two strap backpack.  The StrapShot would be even more stable on the strap of an single over the shoulder and across your chest camera bag.


The Cotton Carrier locking system seems to be consistent across all of their products.  The StrapShot uses the same sliding hub and locking system as their other products.  I have always found this locking system to be very secure while in the backcountry.  There is also a camera tether included which attaches to both the camera and StrapShot for an extra layer of protection against dropping your camera while taking it out of the hub locking system.


For lighter and smaller cameras the StrapShot works really well.  It attaches directly to your backpack which makes it easy to use and eliminates an extra camera case or camera holding system that you need to carry around.  The StrapShot system is lightweight and very secure.  I still love my original Cotton Carrier system and use it for long trips or trips with heavier camera.  The StrapShot could also be used for carrying a second camera when using the original Cotton Carrier, but works great on its own for single camera carrying.

The most common channels for finding the Cotton Carrier seem to be directly from their website or through and

The cost for the “StrapShot” direct from was $79 USD.

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