theHumanPace has one simple goal: To celebrate life at the human pace. Whether hiking, backpacking, cycling, climbing, or kayaking we are passionate about the outdoors and enjoying them sustainably using our own two feet (and every other body part involved with moving around in the outdoors). Plus, traveling at the human pace slows life down a notch or two, and perhaps we can all use some time in life at a slower pace.

Explore.TheHumanPace is designed to share knowledge of the best routes, gear, skills, and organizations for enjoying the outdoors at the human pace. You’ll find each of these areas separated by activity and updated on a regular basis (usually 3-4 articles/episodes a month). Our focus is on quality of content over quantity of articles posted.

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Who We Are 


Kevin is the primary curator of information and articles on theHumanPace.  An avid outdoor adventurer, he has a deep passion for the challenge, serenity, and awe of the outdoors.  Originally from Colorado, Kevin now lives in the Bay Area near San Francisco.  From mountains to oceans and everything in between he loves sharing his passion for the outdoors with others. His philosohpy: “Live life, don’t just exist!”

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Please give us your comments. Each article/episode has a comment section at the bottom of the page. Share with us your experiences regarding the route, gear, skill, or organization discussed in the article/episode. It’s what makes the site a conversation.

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